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Use Case Examples

Felinto's visit to the CAVE at LIMSI

Ghost Orchestra (see project webpage)

Virtual Theatre (see project webpage)

Screenshots and examples

BlenderVR has been implemented and tested on two different VR projection type platforms at LIMSI-CNRS.

The Smart-I2 platform is a 2 wall passive stereoscopic system with a single graphics PC driving 4 projectors. Spatial audio rendering is accomplished with the integration of Wave-Field Synthesis into the projection screens.

The EVE platform is a 4 wall rear projection CAVE environment supporting active/passive/combined stereoscopic rendering for multiple users. Each projector is connected to a separate graphics node, with additional nodes dealing with a various of input/output modalities. Spatial audio rending is accomplished through an Ambisonic 15ch array as well as 2 wireless binaural headsets.

Here is an example of a scene by Martins Upitis which has been “VR-ised” on the Smart-I2 platform Smart-I2 overview.

Original scene:

Thanks so much Martins for your amazing work (http://devlog-martinsh.blogspot.fr/)

VR-ized scene on a Stereoscopic Video Corner Wall:

/* */

Example of a Mountain scene, used as a demonstrator for Head Controlled Navigation with 2 concurrent users in the EVE System (www.limsi.fr/venise/EVEsystem).

/* */

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