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Windows 7 (64bits) Automatic Installer for BlenderVR released! see the Installation Guide.


BlenderVR is an adaptation of the Blender Game Engine to support CAVE/VideoWall, Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and external rendering modality engines.

It allows you to run the Blender Game Engine (BGE) on any Virtual Reality architecture (N host - K screens) and supports adaptive stereoscopy and communication protocols such as VRPN and OSC with minimal effort. A complete Sound Rendering Engine has been designed in Max/MSP. The goal of the BlenderVR project is to offer a cross-platform solution for virtual reality applications which benefits from the Blender environment and associated community for creating quality interactive scenes. Porting of scenes from one VR platform configuration to another should be transparent and require no editing of the actual scene.


Artists and layman users can head straight to the Installation Guide under the Getting Started menu.

Hackers and developers are encouraged to setup a Development Environment, browse over the API Documentation (both also under the Getting Started menu), and delve into the project Source Code.

Researchers will be better suited through the Features Menu, the About (contact us!) and the Publications page.


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