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The Wiki of the ASARD unit (Accompaniment and Support to Activities for Research and Development) is reserved to LISN staff who must authenticate themselves with their lab login/password.

Wiki description

On this wiki you will find technical information that can help you in your work :

  • Hardware resources available mainly in the fields of Virtual & Augmented Reality.
  • Software resources :
    • Various scientific tools: visualization software, scientific libraries, versioning,…
    • Simulation platforms in fluid mechanics
    • Software platforms for Human Machine Interaction
    • Software platforms for artificial intelligence competitions
  • Computing environments: Shared computing resources accessible to all members of the laboratory
  • General information
    • The history of the training courses given in the context of the use of some of these resources
    • The procedure for requesting an engineering resource for a scientific project
    • Information on equipment expenses supported by ASARD

This information can be accessed from the home page of the wiki or from the menu on the left side of the page, after you have logged in.

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